School Norms

  • Students are expected to wear school dress to maintain the decorum and shall hold dear prestige of the school by keeping themselves clean and tidy. Somberly dressed student may be send home.
  • A clean handkerchief is necessary, shoes must be polished, nails should be cut, clean and without polish.
  • Medium length hair must be plated and tied with ribbon or supported at forehead with white synthetic band.
  • Long hairs must be dressed into two braids tied with white ribbons.
  • Students are not to wear rings, lockets or any kind of jewelry in the school. The school authorities will not be responsible for the student’s loss of money, book, clothes etc.
  • Punctual and regular attendance is a must. If a student continues to be absent without leave for more than 10 working days in succession, his / her name will be stuck off the register.
  • Student suffering from any contagious diseases must complete the quarantine period before rejoining the school.
  • Shouting in the school campus and scribbling on the wall, desk or board is strictly forbidden. Any kind of damage done to the school property shall have to be made good by the offender.
  • Students are expected to speak in English in the school.
  • Students are expected to be in school at least 10 minutes earlier than the school time. Late comers will be punished.
  • No student is allowed to go from the school before departure.
  • All the students using school transport are expected to be on the door side of the transport at least 5 minutes before the arrival time. Student who want to discontinue the school transport must give one month’s notice.
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