Gems of good behavior

  • Be on time for school daily.
  • Keep your hands and face washed and your hair combed.
  • Keep your cloths and books neat and tidy.
  • Do not write on walls.
  • Keep your hands and feet away from walls.
  • Put papers, fruit skins, sweet wrappers and poly bags in a dustbin.
  • Do not play in verandahs or classrooms.
  • Say “Please” when you want something.
  • Say “Thank you” when receive something.
  • If you have to interrupt in adult conversation, say “Please excuse me”.
  • Do not look into classrooms as you pass by.
  • Do not stand near elder people when they are talking together.
  • Allow elder people to go before.
  • Wish Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening o your class Teachers, Parents, Elders.
  • Do not waste water.
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