Chairman's Message

All of us have the ability to delve deep into the realms of our mind and find some treasures there, which really are our impressions about this world as well as our experiences. Some of them are turned into beautiful expressions by the creative-minded. Though unpolished, a gem can be spotted by an expert.

But my dear readers treat these endeavors of our young ones as tiny gems, for who knows which grain will become a real pearl in times to come! Give them all the support they deserve; a seed has the right to grow into a plant. The zeal and creative spirit of the students who maintain this blog is also much appreciable.

The mirror of our institution is our scholars, hence the mirror should not be clouded but polished. We strive to endow them with a platform, helping them to broaden their horizon and in the process provide them healthy, refined, holistic and substantial education. I urge the parents to help us build the noble mansion of significant education where all our scholars may dwell. I am thankful to the editorial board for this uphill task of bringing out the magazine and utilizing the talent of the students through this magazine.

Mr. Anil Joshi
Chairman - St Lawrence School

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